Val del Zafán Greenway

Val del Zafán Greenway

Notice (31/01/2020): This Greenway is on the stretch of the Matarraña and it is inaccessible due to the storm suffered between 21 and 23 January. Please consult Comarca del Matarraña>>

 Technical data
Through the rural districts of Bajo Martín and Matarraña 
Section 1. “North Teruel”: Between the Adif railway station of La Puebla de Híjar and the old Puigmoreno station (Teruel).
Section 2.“Matarraña”: Between the stations Valdealgorfa (Teruel) and Arnes-­Lledó (Teruel­-Tarragona)

Length: 52.3 Km

Section1: 18.7 km. The first 600 m follow the road from the La Puebla de Híjar station to Jatiel, with the following 2.2 km being rural tracks shared with local traffic. The final 8.7 km between Samper de Calanda and the station at Puigmoreno are shared with farm traffic.
Section2: 33.6 km
* Section 1: Unsuitable for wheelchairs due to poor surface, shared traffic sections, and occasional steep slopes.
Section 2: Suitable for all users
Type of firm:
Section 1: Compacted earth with some very stony sections.
Section2:  Asphalt treated base
          Vía Verde del Val del Zafán

Natural Setting:

Section 1: Compacted earth with some very stony sections.
Section 2:  Asphalt treated base
Cultural heritage:
Churches, castles, aqueducts, archaeological sites, bridges and manor houses, gateways, prisons and town halls in the various municipalities.
Greenway. 2 viaducts, 5 tunnels
How to get there:
By train:RENFE Medium Distance and Regional services to Zaragoza,Madridand Barcelona
By bus (companies in upper case): ABASA (HIFE Group) from Zaragoza; HIFE and HISPANO­IGUALDINA from Barcelona
Barcelona: 206 km from Arnés-­Lledó
Tarragona:111km from Arnés­-Lledó
Lleida: 154 km from La Puebla de Híjar; 115 km from Arnés-­Lledó
Zaragoza: 72 km from La Puebla de Híjar; 124 km from Valjunquera; 159 km from Arnés­Lledó
Teruel: 154 km from La Puebla de Híjar; 164 km from Valjunquera; 199 km from Arnés-­Lledó
Castellón: 190 km from Arnés-­Lledó
Valencia: 274 km from Arnés-Lledó
At the Arnes­-Lledó station you can connect up with the Terra Alta Greenway (23 km). Click here>> and continue along the Baix Ebre Greenway (25 km). Click here>>


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